Acrylic Painting in Thame

Venue: artsmart Studio, Thame


TUESDAY 9:30 – 12:30
Tutor: John Harrad
Cost:  £245.00  (10-weeks – Code: 4039)

Acrylic Painting

Aimed at students who already have a good knowledge of the basics of painting practice, this class offers intermediate painters the opportunity to expand their range of skills; tackle more challenging subject matter and refine their existing techniques to create sophisticated work with true depth and focus. This course is run in a supportive, friendly and relaxed environment encouraging students to share good practice and discuss their work and it’s development. Recommended course material will be available to purchase at the class, please ask the tutor.

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TUESDAY 13:30 – 15:30
Tutor: John Harrad
Cost: £165 (10-weeks – Code: 4001)

Introduction to Acrylics

The aim of this class is to ensure students learn the fundamental rules and techniques of good painting practice including composition, line, form, tone, colour and texture. We will look at a wide variety of techniques for applying acrylic paint and students will be encouraged to experiment using a variety of styles. This is a supportive, friendly and relaxed environment for focusing on your own artistic development. Art material for the course is available to purchase at the studio, please ask the tutor.

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FRIDAY 10:00 – 12:30
Tutor: Jeffrey Courtney
Cost:  £165 (10-weeks – Code: 4032)

Advanced Acrylics

Designed for advanced painters, this class gives students an opportunity to work in a supportive group where discussion and the sharing of knowledge are actively encouraged. Students work on their own projects during class, but essentially the role of the tutor is in more of a mentoring capacity. Many of the students find the class an invaluable opportunity to discuss exhibiting and commissioning opportunities; look at ways to promote and sell their paintings; discuss materials, ideas and approaches to their work and the challenges they face as productive artists. The group is friendly, relaxed and very supportive to new students. The perfect class if you want to share your time with like minded, creative painters.  Course material available to purchase at the studio, please ask the tutor.

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