Watercolour Painting in Wendover

Venue: St Anne’s Hall, Wendover


MONDAY 11:30 – 14:00
Tutor: Wendy Lewis
Cost: £205.00 (10-weeks, Code: 4041)

Watercolour & Drawing

A wide variety of subject matter and inspiration is deployed within this stimulating course which is intellectually envigorating and challenging. Watercolour and it’s affliliated water based media are used to experiment with a variety of techniques. Charcoal, graphite pencil, caran d’ache and pastel are also used. Emphasis is given to understanding how different papers respond to a wide variety of approaches with paint. Proper studio practice and correctness is encouraged. Drawing is the underpinning discipline.Encouragement is also given to develop sketch books. Work is produced from a wide variety of sources and stimulus, these may be taken from the study of artists and illustrators both past and present, from an extensive  range of subject matter, natural history, architectural,figurative, abstract and landscapes.
A ‘mini talk’ is delivered at the beginning of each artist study. This gives the student a little more insight and background into the thinking behind each approach and glimpse of the artist’s life. We visit many outside venues during clement weather and have included privately arranged, exclusive visits to local, award winning gardens, the wildlife of the canal, wild orchid meadows, woods, Coombe Hill ,College Lake and Tring Natural History Museum.
Five week study is given for each topic. The exception being that we may have a model for a day or be able to vist a given venue, also for a day. We have invited a few costume models and have based these and their costume on and around a given theme or artist.
The teaching can be pitched toward the beginner or more accomplished student, however this is not a beginner’s course and many of the students are quite able with their existing and developing ability. If a beginner attends they usually aspire to become more accomplished more swiftly when they are working amidst more experienced students.

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TUESDAY 14:00 – 16:00
Tutor: Wendy Lewis
Cost: £165.00 (10-weeks – Code: 4011)

Watercolour Plus

Whatever your level of ability you will be are encouraged to support each other and be aspirational but non competitive. A breadth of subject matter and source material is used which may be taken from artists’ work historic and living.  Amongst others we have looked at the work of Henry Moore and his textile designs, Albrecht Durer and his fine drawing, Edward Lear as ornithologist and the specimens at the Tring Natural History History Museum, each theme is diverse and challenging.
A short introductory ten minute talk is given to enable the students to have a brief background to the chosen artist, each topic will usually last for a half term ie 5 weeks, this allows  for a deeper enquiry and more sustained result. When able to, we go out painting and drawing to many local areas, as described above. We will occasionally have a costume model in the studio.
Watercolour is very flexible and varied with it’s myriad of applications, techniques are taught and demonstrations are given. Individual interpretation by each student is encouraged and a personal style evolves as a result. Good studio practice is encouraged and time honoured drawing and painting treatments are adhered to. Drawing is the underpinning  throughout the course and this develops through the use of the sketch book.

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