Painting for the Petrified

Date: Saturday 14 October – Sunday 15 October
Tutor:   Richard Box
Time: Saturday 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday 9.30 – 15.30
Cost: £149 includes lunch

EarlyBird discount applies
Venue: Beaconsfield Studio

Painting for the Petrified – Are you petrified of painting but long to try watercolours but have been deterred by the erroneous myth that they are supposed to be ‘difficult’? Richard will dispel that myth and teach you, step by step, how to paint a simple still life and achieve marvellous effects with numerous layers of translucent colours without ‘getting mud’!
Most problems about painting are concerned about mixing colours. So the course will start with exploring the nature of colour with coloured pencils. This will give you the confidence to transfer your newly discovered knowledge to watercolours. If you follow Richard’s ‘recipes’, you will be thrilled at what you can achieve..

Please bring with you: • 2 drawing boards or two 16″ x 20″ plywood off-cuts (they need to be unvarnished so that gummed paper strip can stick to them when stretching watercolour paper) • 4 drawing board clips or bulldog clips • A roll of gummed paper strip (Not masking tape nor parcel tape!) • A pad or a few sheets of watercolour paper (300grams) size A4 approx • An eraser • 6 coloured pencils – ultramarine and cerulean blues, lemon and cadmium yellows, scarlet and crimson reds. Please bring those of good quality, preferably water soluble. (Caran D’Ache are excellent and their respective number codes are as follows = 140, 171, 240, 010, 060 and 080. (Richard will bring spare coloured pencils for those of you who find it difficult to find them and may borrow them for the course.)
• One orange, one apple, one onion and a few grapes • Two right-angled “corners” cut from stiff card in the form of the capital “L” about 8 inches in both directions • A pencil sharpener • A watercolour paint box that contains the same six colours (i.e. a purple-blue, a green-blue, a green-yellow, an orange yellow, an orange-red and a purple -red. Equivalent names could be ultramarine, cerulean blue, lemon-yellow, cadmium yellow or gamboge, scarlet and crimson)
• Bring also a tube of white gouache paint……and, finally… Some tissues ( a kitchen roll ) and…. Two water jars.