Acrylic Painting 1-Day Workshop

Tutor:   Ali Cockrean
Time: 10.00 – 16.00
Cost: £40.00 per Workshop

1-Day Workshop Content:

Ali’s series of workshops are designed to help you loosen up your painting style and breathe new life into your work. Each monthly session will challenge your preconceptions of what painting is about and, through practical exercises, allow you to experience a new approach to creating and developing your own personal response to paint.

All workshops can be taken independently or if you want to follow the series, each session will build on the next, allowing you to practice and develop your new techniques over the year.

Topics covered will include: understanding your response to colour, shape and texture; developing a spontaneous approach to your work; looking at the world differently; turning convention on it’s head; breaking rules; painting emotional responses and abstracting form.

So if 2016 is the year you really want to kick your art into a new dimension, come and join Ali on her exciting 1-Day workshops listed below, alternatively join her 3-Day Acrylic Masterclass

Developing A Spontaneous Approach To Your Work

Friday 11th March, Beaconsfield
Saturday 12th March, Thame

Looking At The World Differently

Friday 15th April, Beaconsfield
Saturday 16th April, Thame

Turning Convention On It’s Head

Friday 13th May, Beaconsfield
Saturday 14th May, Thame