Drawing For All – Thame

MONDAY 19:30 – 21:30
Venue: artsmart Studio, Thame
Tutor: Nina Barratt
Cost: £195.00 (10-weeks, includes live model for 2 weeks Code: 4010) 

Drawing For AllThis course will follow the same programme as Drawing For All (4047) on Wednesdays 10am.
An exciting 10 week course that creates plenty of inspiration for students in learning to draw!
It will include an introduction to life drawing from a live model and other varied subject matter such as animals, landscapes, plants, portraits, still life and more.
The course will provide students with basic skills and techniques for drawing in pencil, water soluble pencils, charcoals and another medium of choice, such as soft pastels.
It is designed to create confidence in complete beginners and also for those who would like to refresh earlier skills that they feel may have become ‘rusty’.
The course will enhance knowledge and understanding of light and shade, form, perspective and composition and is an excellent foundation for those who would like to try out a new drawing hobby – or even start on a dedicated artistic path!