Graphite & Coloured Pencil Drawing

Venue: artsmart Studio, Beaconsfield
Tuesday: 13.00 – 15.00
Tutor: Graham Heron
Cost: £195 (11-weeks, Code: 4051)

Course fee

Course Description: Graphite & Coloured Pencil Drawing
This course is for beginners and those with some drawing experience.  The objective of the course is to teach drawing techniques through demonstration and work participation, and to show the importance of good drawing practice and observation, using the media of Graphite and Coloured Pencil.Subject matter would be varied from wildlife, portraits, landscapes and nature.Material List:
On the first tutorial, students should bring a selection of graphite pencils H, B, 2B, and 6B  (paper will be supplied for the first session). A putty eraser, a good quality pencil sharpener;  its advisable not to purchase too many art materials until after the first induction lesson.