Oil Painting

Venue: Blended Learning – online & en plein air in & around Thame area

THURSDAY 9:30 – 13:00
Tutor: Jeffery Courtney
Cost: £350 (11-weeks, Code: 4042)

Oils – The Elements of Painting

Painting is not copying; the artist selects, interprets, imagines and expresses. To do this well the artist needs to appreciate the elements of painting.

In this class we explore the the various elements or aspects of picture making – colour, tone, style, composition also abstraction, pattern, shape, texture etc. all these are looked at in a number of different ways to help us understand how each plays a role in creating the finial painting. Each week exercises are given to guide us which focus on one of the elements. We also study the works works of great artist to develop our understanding of their work and how this can help us in our own creative painting. One of the most useful things is that the classes teach us to look. The class is lively and fun. We will aim to take approximately 3 classes ‘en plein air’, weather dependent. Venues and dates will be discussed during the term.

This is an advanced class suitable for those who already have some painting skills but wish to improve their artistic skills. The medium used is usually oil paints.

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