Oil Painting for Beginners

TUESDAY 12:30 – 2:30
Tutor: Lana Okhrits
Venue: artsmart Studio, Beaconsfield
£245 (11-weeks Code:4002)

Course Content

Learn the fundamental skills of oil painting through a series of lessons aimed at the complete beginner.

Starting with basic tools and materials, we will learn how to set up a solvent-free, safe painting practice. We will demystify and understand the process of colour mixing, from a limited palette. Introduce the principles of composition and how to set up and light a still-life. Learn the stages of planning, value sketches and simplification, to ensure a joyful painting experience.  Exercise brush control and understand its significance.

Each lesson will focus on a specific skill, beginning with some instruction and a demonstration and followed by a painting segment in which you apply/practice that skill.

Learn the foundational skills you need to enjoy oil painting for years to come!

Materials List

Paints – Student Grade Paints are absolutely fine, e.g. Daler Rowney (DR) “Georgian” or Winsor & Newton (W&N) “Winton” brands.  We will be learning how to use a limited palette and the colours needed are:  Titanium White (200 ml tube), Cadmium Yellow Hue (37ml, Cadmium Red Deep Hue (37ml), French Ultramarine (37ml), Ivory Black (37ml).

Brushes – You will need 3 brushes, one large (4-5cm wide) and one medium (2.5cm wide) hog bristle flats and a small synthetic round – 8-9 mm in diameter.  DR Georgian and W&N Winton are again suggested.

Canvas Panels – 20cm x 25cm or A4 or 8” x 10”.  A canvas pad for Oils/Acrylics is also a good option.  Winsor & Newton, Canson, Jackson’s, Frisk and Arteza  are suggested brands.

Artist Palette – Wooden or glass (at least 12” x 16”) or a Tear-Off Palette Pad (preferably grey)

You will, also need the following:-
Palette Knife
Refined Linseed oil for artists (suggest Winsor & Newton)
Linseed Oil Container x 2 (dipper)
Paper towels (roll and/or cloth rags)
Empty metal biscuit tin with airtight lid
Masking Tape
White Spirit (from a hardware store)
An old shirt that you don’t mind getting paint on.

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