Portraiture in Any Medium – Beaconsfield

Venue: artsmart Studio, Beaconsfield
Time: 17:00 – 19:00
Tutor: Varvara Neiman
Cost: £310 (11-weeks Code: 4021)

Portraits in Any Medium

Using the students choice of medium and working from life sitters, copying masters and painting from photographs, the structure of this Portraiture course consists of short lectures, individual demos by the tutor as well as whole class workshops. There is a logical progression of studies from one term to another.  There will be a male or a female model on five sessions during the term.  The first model will sit on the first three sessions of the term and another model on the last two sessions.  The models will have the same outfit and hairdo (for female models) for all sessions to enable the student to complete their painting.

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