Q Does the half term week always come after five classes?
A No.  Although five classes before and after the half term break is best, we have taken into account a variety of other factors.  These can include when Easter falls and how many weeks are available for us to choose from.  Typically there are more weeks available between September and December (Autumn term)  when there are fewer Bank Holidays.  Between January and March (Winter term) we need to think about weather conditions and in May (Spring term) there are Bank Holidays and Beaconsfield Street Fair to consider.  Some terms will therefore have six classes before the half term break and four after.
 Q  If I enroll online how do I know that a place has definitely been reserved for me?
 A  You will receive an acknowledgement email from PayPal confirming that your payment has been been received and showing details of your booking. We are also informed by PayPal of your payment and booking details and we reserve a place for you.  We will be in touch if there is a need.
 Q If I pay a deposit, when do I need to make the rest of the payment?  Will you send me an invoice?
 A The balance of the course fee should be paid before the course starts.  We do not send an invoice but may contact you by telephone or email.  Please note that deposits are not refundable if you cannot attend the course. (See Terms and Conditions)
 Q I am going to miss a number of classes during the term. Can I just pay for the ones I can attend?
 A The minimum number of classes you can attend is 5 but you will have to pay a premium.  (see paragraph 5 of “Terms and Conditions which appears  under “Our Policy”)  Please note that this concession may not be available if the course you want to attend is in demand.
 Q The course description says that the course is suitable for beginners and improvers.  I am a complete beginner, is this course suitable for me?
 A Unless the word “NEW” appears next to the course description on our website or brochure then the course has been running for a while and there may be some students who have attended previously.  Don’t worry about this as the tutor’s job is to help everyone improve from where they are now.  Everyone is at a different point when they join. Our job is to take you to the next level.