Covid-19 NEW PRACTICES – artsmart studio

Children’s Classes
Parents and carers should remain outside the studio at all times.  If you need to talk with the tutor please let us know and we will arrange a telephone call.

Art Materials
Find out what you will need before you come to the studio.  Only bring what is necessary as every bit of space is important whilst we try to maintain good social distancing.    At the end of the class please take your brushes home to wash as the new sink area will not be available this term.  Bringing wet wipes is a good idea.

Clothing & Coats
Windows and doors will need to be open in order to have plenty of fresh air circulating.  Wearing an extra layer maybe helpful.  As the temperature starts to fall you might need to wear a coat.  Please use the individual coat hooks provided.  Do not put your coat on top of someone else’s.

Face coverings
You should come to the class prepared to wear a face covering.  If the class is small and there is agreement to sit without a face covering that decision will need everyone’s agreement.  Larger groups may feel more comfortable to stay with face coverings for a longer period

Tutors who teach many classes will be more at risk than students who attend one class.  They may have a visor which will make it easier to follow their instructions than if they have a face covering.  Please be patient with the tutor and remember that they too may be apprehensive.

Social Distancing
We have turned most of the tables outwards so that students will now face either a wall or a window.  This has three advantages – first, we have managed to achieve 2m between students in almost every case.  Secondly students are not facing each other and finally your tutor can see your work more easily from behind, again avoiding the need to be too close.

Partitioning Screens
With the new layout it is unlikely that screens between students will be necessary.   We will introduce measures to protect administrative staff.

It will not be possible to provide tea and coffee making facilities in the Autumn Term.  Please bring your own refreshments (flask, costa ) and cup if necessary.  Again please take any items that need washing home with you.  Note that the new sink area will not be in use next term

If you need to use the toilets please help us to keep them clean by using the sanitising equipment supplied, after each use.

This is only to be used by staff.

At the end of the class
We will be trying to extend the period between classes so as to allow more time for staff to prepare for the next group to arrive.  It will be helpful however if students can leave promptly at the end of the class and for parents to also be on time when collecting children.

Thank you.
September 2020