Egyptian Pectoral & Amulet Workshop – Mixed Media, Oil Pastels & Coloured Pencil

Saturday 8 September
10am –  10am – 5pm
Venue: artsmart Studio Beaconsfield
Tutor:Fiona Mitchell
Cost: £75


Unleash your creativity! This one-day workshop will allow you to explore the designer in you. Be inspired by the ancient Egyptians and produce a colourful, illustrative Egyptian pectoral with an amulet to go with it.

For the pectoral you will be learning to use oil pastel to create texture and pattern through blending and highlighting.  For the amulet you will be learning fundamental drawing techniques and using pencil crayons to establish detail, colour and shade. The process of using these techniques exercises the creative part of your mind and will ease any tensions acquired during a busy week.

Tools and materials needed for the course:
One set of oil pastels, one set of colouring pencils, one sheet of A3 white card, one sheet of A4 cartridge paper.

About the Tutor: Fiona Mitchell