Abstracting from the Landscape in Acrylics

Date: Tuesday 23 July
Tutor:   Heather McDowell
Time: 10am – 12, break, 1-3
Cost: £48
Venue: Beaconsfield Studio

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Course description:
“Abstracting from the landscape in acrylics” is for artists who prefer to explore with guidance rather than have step by step instructions, so some experience of working in acrylics would be helpful. For this session you will need to bring a black & white print-out of a few favourite views or landscape images and we will work from this in acrylics to explore how you might go about making abstracted versions. We will do several exercises on paper with the option to develop something onto canvas. You may or may not come away with a “finished” painting. (We will not be copying the image shown). A smartphone or ipad to take photos of your process would be helpful but not essential. 

Materials List:
Reference: 2 or 3 black & white printouts (full A4 size if possible) of favourite or interesting views
Surface: 3 pieces of A3 or A2 paper 140-220gsm (A2 available from tutor at 50p/sheet) plus one canvas board or canvas maximum A3 in size (or equivalent).
Paint: Acrylic tubes: Phthalo Blue, Magenta, Lemon Yellow (or Process primaries), Black – minimum 50ml of each. Minimum 100ml of white.
Mark making:
3 items from the following options (just choose favourite colours or a selection): oil pastel, acrylic pen, charcoal, graphite pencil, watercolour pencil, neocolour, woody.
5 items from your recycling to print with e.g. toilet roll tube, plastic punnet, scraps of bubble wrap, foil, card, bottle tops, textured packing material.
A selection of favourite textures, sizes and shapes, including 1” or 2” flat. Old toothbrush.
Other: Marker pen such as Sharpie. Scissors. Masking tape. Palette to mix paint on such as a tear off paper palette or a few paper plates and either a stay wet palette or food storage box to take home excess paint. Kitchen roll. 1 x water receptacle (large jam jar or plastic container).
Apron or old clothes.