Botanical Painting

Date: Saturday 23 May
Time: Saturday 10am – 5pm
Venue: Beaconsfield Studio
Tutor: Roger Reynolds
Cost: £75

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Botanical Painting

About this workshop:
Aimed at all abilities, even those who haven’t worked in Botanical painting before. The course will therefore be constructed round individual capabilities, with an emphasis of taking people forward from their current understanding. Under discussion will be observation and drawing techniques, composition, paper, colour palettes and colour mixing, as well as how to handle the basic techniques of watercolour painting.

Materials list:
The ideal watercolour paper is smooth, hot pressed paper like Fabriano Classico 5 or Fabriano Artistico. It needs to be able to take washes without buckling so a recommended thickness would be 300g/m2 or 140 lbs. A limited supply of suitable paper will be available from the tutor.
Graphite pencils for drawing (suggest HB or B and H or 2H)
Pencil Erasers – putty rubber ones are particularly useful
A container for paint water – a clean jam jar is fine
Paper kitchen towelling is really useful for controlling brush loading
Watercolour paints, which might be half-pans or tubes, it doesn’t matter, but try to bring paints of artists’ quality
Brushes need to be good quality sable and capable of forming fine points.
A mixing palette, e.g. a white plate or saucer, is useful, but don’t buy anything special!
Please do not worry if you lack any or all of these items. Most resources are available through the tutor, and key colours can be made available as the need arises.
Specimens will be also be supplied by the tutor, but please bring your own blossoms, if you have a favourite, and particularly if you can bring in fresh plants. Unfortunately the time restrictions means we will only be able to study one variety for each person.