Painting like an Impressionist

Date: Saturday 18 January
Time: 10am – 5pm
Venue: Thame Studio
Tutor:   Jeffery Courtney
Cost: £75

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Painting like an Impressionist – The impressionist painting style and technique was revolutionary. The public at the time were outraged, scandalised, the works of the Impressionists were scorned, ridiculed and rejected. What was all the fuss about? What was so different about this new way of painting?
During the day we will discover what was so new and radical about their technique. We learn how they went about making pictures, and particularly the important role of colour.
We will practise these techniques and hopefully discover and experience for ourselves the freshness, boldness and spontaneity of painting like an Impressionist.
Material List:
Impasto Gel – You can buy for “Acrylics only” or for “oil only”. Read the label as there are some makes which offer impasto suitable for both mediums. That product would be better if you plan to use both acrylics and oils.
Selection of brushes – Small/medium and a larger round, plus a flat
2 or 3 Palette Knives – Different shapes, actual shape is less important than having a variety to choose from. You may be able to buy palette knives from artsmart
Turpentine and/or Linseed Oil (liquidised)
Canvas, canvas board or canvas paper – size ideally 30cm x 40 cm (max 40cm x 50 cm). There are three demonstrations and three paintings to produce so you will need three surfaces. If you are using paper please bring masking tape.
Titanium or Zinc White Yellow Ochre
Lemon Yellow Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Orange Burnt Sienna
Cobalt Violet Ultramarine
Cobalt Blue Viridian Green
Raw Umber
NOTE:- If you are worried about needing too many colours speak to the tutor as some of those listed above can be substituted