Picture it in Collage & Stitch

Date: Saturday 21 April – Sunday 22 April
Tutor:   Richard Box
Time: Saturday 10.00 – 18.00 (1hr lunch)
Sunday 9.30 – 15.00 (1/2hr lunch)
Cost: £149 includes lunch (please indicate any dietary requirements when booking)

EarlyBird discount applies
Venue: Beaconsfield Studio

Picture it in Collage & Stitch – Do you want to create one of your own designs and to translate them into the combined techniques of fabric collage with both machine and hand embroidery ? Then this is YOUR course !  Under Richard’s careful guidance you will be supplied with a learning pack at the start of the course and he will teach you how to progress through it step by step. Once you have understood the process, you will be inspired and have the confidence to start your own project using the same procedure in your own individual and personal way. Some experience using the ‘ darning foot ‘, which allows you to stitch freely in every direction, is important. Try practising with it, even a little, beforehand, so that you are confident with it.

Please bring with you:
A selection of coloured photographs and magazine pictures and even some of your own coloured drawing and paintings of any subject which will act as your guide and inspiration. Choose uncomplicated images with clear distinctions of colours and tonal values
– A sheet of tracing or greaseproof paper.
– Sellotape.*
– Two pairs of scissors – for paper – for fabric.*
– A small jar of PVA. *
– A small brush for the adhesive.*
– One square metre (approx.) of firm fabric such as hessian in any colour.*
– Lots of small scraps of all kinds of fabric sorted in reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, blues, purples, greens, browns, greys, whites, blacks and multicoloured.*
– An electric sewing machine with which you are familiar and which drops or covers the ‘feed’, does zig-zag stitch and has a darning foot.
PLEASE NOTE: the darning foot is crucial. Please ensure that you have practised with it before the course, so that you will be comfortable doing free machine embroidery.
– 90 or 100 sized sewing machine needles.
– Machine sewing and, if you have them, machine embroidery threads in the same range of colours as above.*
– Hand sewing needles and all kinds of yarns and threads in your possession.*
– Some coloured pencils.*
– A large-eyed, sharp pointed needle (e.g. a ‘yarn darner’).*

* Richard has extra items of those mentioned for you to borrow (so long as he remembers to bring them !!)