2-Day Relief Painting on a Canvas Board

Date: Saturday 29 February – Sunday 1 March
Time: TBC
Venue: artsmart Studio Beaconsfield
Tutor: Asya Dudko
Cost: £109

About this workshop
On the workshop we will create 3D textured figures and images by sculpting air-drying clay on a flat canvas board. You do not need to have a sculpting experience! What you need is a creative flair and a picture of what you are going to sculpt, either in your mind or as an image in front of you. During the workshop you will learn unique and unusual tricks and tips of working with air-drying clay. Also, we will experiment with creating different textures on a sculpted surface and find out how to finish and paint the shaped characters.

Materials list:
What we need on the first day:
Paperclay 16 oz. (454g); Universal primed cotton canvas board, size 12 x 10 inches or similar; you may also bring any sculpting tools, preferably a smaller size and textured objects or stencils/stamps to imprint the clay surface.

What we need on the second day:
A set of synthetic brushes, acrylic paint tubes/pots of different colour including white

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