Explore Texture in Old Buildings in Watercolours

Date: Saturday 14 – Sunday 15 March
Time: Saturday 10am – 6pm Sunday 9:30am – 3pm
Venue: Beaconsfield Studio
Tutor: Barry Herniman
Cost: £149

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About this workshop:
Whether it’s a lovely old derelict barn or run down backstreet somewhere overseas there are always a multitude of wonderful colours and textures to be found amongst them. Come and spend an exciting weekend painting some delightful textures and bring your watercolours to life.
Barrys suggested materials:
My basic selection of Schmincke Horadam Artists watercolours: Pure yellow, Aureolin, Indian Yellow, Rose Madder, Madder Red Dark, Madder Brown, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine finest, Helio Turquoise and Manganese Violet. I also have a few exotics : Cobalt Turquoise, Schmincke Orange and YelIow. I always tell students I don’t care what they use as long as the pigments are transparent or semi transparent. I don’t use any of the heavy earth pigments e.g. Raw Umber, Raw Sienna etc, no made up greys, PG is right out! No made up greens e.g. Viridian, Hookers green. My brushes are Da Vinci Cosmotops and are a synthetic/sable mix, are extremely durable, hold bags of water and come to a great point. My main sizes are Nos. 12, 8 ,6 and 4 and a few riggers Nos. 4 and 2. All my brushes are rounds.