Point, Line & Plane

Date: Saturday 15 October 2022
Tutor:  Nena Parkes
Time: 10am – 5pm
Cost: £75
Venue: Beaconsfield Studio

Course fee

Point, Line and Plane

Course description: Point, line and plane are the most basic and fundamental elements of design.  The fundamental elements can be thought of in two basic ways: Conceptually, as they are used in geometry, and graphically, as we see them in applied in the visual arts. The Point and the Line.  A study of these basic elements will provide the artist with a firm foundation for their work. 

During this one day course we will experiment with the point, line and plane in a practical way, complete an analysis of an existing artwork and, hopefully, time will allow for producing a piece of work in any medium in which you apply what you have learnt.

Tools and materials needed for the workshop:
You will need good quality cartridge paper, drawing instruments (ruler, protractor. etc) pencils and a black sharpie and black and white gouache paint.