Drawing for Beginners – 2 Day Workshop

Monday 12 August – Tuesday 13 August 2019
10am – 4:30pm
Venue: artsmart Studio Beaconsfield
Tutor: Varvara Neiman
Cost: £ 149  EarlyBird discount applies

Drawing for Beginners – Summer Workshop

Day 1Putting a  mark on Paper.
a.m.  ‘Getting your hands dirty!’ –  a demonstration by the tutor in charcoal and chalk on coloured paper, students to follow.
‘Using negative spaces’  – you will create the shape of an object, students can work from surrounding objects using either pencils or charcoals
‘Topsy Turvy’ – working upside down, students will use a range of pencils.

p.m. ‘Musical chairs’ – drawing an image all together
‘Drawing the impossible’ – sketch a crumpled piece of paper
‘Drawing an animal’ – choose from images provided by tutor.

Day 2 – Seeing the world in colour
a.m. ‘Reflect on your emotions using colour’  e.g. anger, happiness, sadness, loneliness, uncertainty, satisfaction
‘Colour mixing’ – from primary to secondary to complementary.  Three demonstrations by tutor, students to follow.
p.m. ‘Creating your own painting’ –  using your own image under tutor’s guidance.
‘Diagonal method’ – a demonstration on how to enlarge your image.

You will finish the workshop with discussions and a summary of your achievements.

About the Tutor: Varvara Neiman